With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we know many people will soon start planning the holiday menu. While family favorites like stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberries might make your list, we at Save a Lot thought we’d compile some alternatives to consider if you’re looking to shake up your Thanksgiving feast.

Instead of turkey, why not consider one of the five meal plans our Save A Lot test kitchen prepared especially for a variety of taste and dietary needs? Check out our pork, fish, beef, poultry and vegetarian holiday meal menus, complete with a main dish, two sides and something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each menu plans is built to feed a family of eight.

Added bonus: when you shop these items at your local Save A Lot, each menu should run you around $40*.

So for a budget-friendly and delicious Thanksgiving, grab one of these meal plans and head to your local Save A Lot.


If beef is what you crave for a holiday dinner, grab yourself a delicious cut-fresh-in-store-daily Top Round London Broil. Serve it up alongside a traditional Green Bean Casserole and some Grissom’s Crescent Rolls, stuffed with cream cheese and cheddar cheese, and you’ve got a meal that’s sure to be remembered.


For those of you who love the idea of warm and buttery fish, pair this seasoned tilapia with rice pilaf, some roasted seasonal veggies and cornbread muffins and you might just convince your loved ones to have fish at every holiday gathering.


Calling all pork lovers! Combining center-cut pork loin chops with apples and some of our Marcum Smokey Mesquite Seasoning Rub is amazing. (Try it and you’ll see!) Take this holiday meal to the next level by combining it with rosemary red potato mash, bacon maple brussel sprouts, and fried apples and cranberries for dessert. We can assure you, you won’t have leftovers.


If turkey is still your thing, but you’re ready to spice things up in the kitchen, then check out this meal plan. Combining a turkey breast, butter, our Tipton Grove Apple Juice and some Marcum spices will give you the juiciest turkey breast you’ll have this Thanksgiving. To make your mouth water even more, add our green bean almondine and cranberry sauce dishes. With how much you save on this meal, it’s one that will go into permanent holiday rotation.


If you’re looking for a memorable vegetarian option, our Save A Lot test kitchen has you covered. Try these special recipes for pumpkin lasagna, garlic breadsticks, roasted asparagus and an easy cherry pie that’ll have you spending more time with family and less time in the kitchen. Now that’s something we can all give thanks for!

*prices may vary by location.

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