Crispy Cinnamon Chips

Crispy Cinnamon Chips

Difficulty Easy
Serves 1
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
1 pkg Flour Tortillas
1 Tbsp Ground Cinnamon
1Tbsp Sweet Cream Butter - Quarters
1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil


This is a quick and fun to fix snack. My kids just love these and it's so easy the kids can do most of the work themselves. My 5 year old loves to sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar on. I washed out an old spice container once it was empty and mixed the cinnamon and sugar together inside for him so he can do a super sprinkle job. We usually double the batch so there are enough to go around


  1. Lightly butter the flour tortillas.
  2. Slice into several large pieces. In a skillet with a little oil fry the (8 inch) Sierra Miguel flour tortillas until they just start to turn a nutty brown.
  3. While they are still a little damp from the oil sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.