Here at Save A Lot, we know all about great hot dogs. After all, we’re based in St. Louis, where the 1904 World’s Fair propelled the hot dog’s popularity! In honor of National Hot Dog Day, the experts in our test kitchen created five mouthwatering recipes designed to take your dog to an entirely new level. These recipes are sure to take your tastebuds beyond the traditional. Imagine adding BBQ sauce, pulled pork or even some ham and swiss cheese to your dog. It’s amazing, we promise.

  • STL Slinger Dog – Breakfast slingers originated in St. Louis. Try this slinger-inspired hot dog with hash browns, chili, cheese, bacon and an egg.
  • Tampa “1905 Salad” Inspired Hot Dog – Tampa’s well-known Columbia restaurant has a famous “1905” salad and our recipe makes it into a cool new hot dog combo, featuring iceberg lettuce, tomato, olives, ham, swiss and Italian dressing.
  • Carolina BBQ Dog Nothing beats a classic: try your dog with BBQ pulled pork, raw diced onions and mustard.
  • Chicago Style Hot Dog – Pair our Farmington Hot Dogs with banana peppers, dill pickle spear and lots more for a hot dog unlike any other.
  • Pizza Dog – If you’re like us and love pizza and hot dogs, you’ve got to try this recipe. Make our Mantia’s Pizza Dough, wrap it up, add some ham and mozzarella around your hot dog before baking. Make sure to have our Mantia’s Pizza Sauce on hand for dipping.

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