When you talk to Edna Bieller, store manager of the Pevely, MO location, you immediately learn a few things. First, she’s passionate about her store. Next, she loves serving her customers. And last, but not least, she loves her family.  In fact, Bieller credits the flexibility that comes with working in a Save A Lot as the main reason she was able to put family first during her nearly 40 year career working at Save A Lot.

Bieller first started working at the Otto, MO location as a cashier while raising her two children.

“Working part-time really was great for me at and my family at the beginning of my career. I was still able to be there for my son and daughter whenever they needed anything,” she said. Since Bieller was able to work when she wanted, she was still able to be heavily involved in her children’s lives. “I went to both of my kids’ sports games. Whether it was my son’s baseball games or wrestling matches, I was there. For my daughter, I coached her cheer team for four years. It was definitely something I’ll never regret doing.”

As Bieller’s kids got older and into high school, she realized she wanted to take on more responsibility at work. She first took on the role of assistant manager at the Otto Save A Lot. Then in 2016, a new opportunity came up with a Save A Lot opening in Pevely, MO. “I knew immediately I wanted to be involved with the new store. I was honored to come here and be the manager who opened the store. It was really neat to be a part of that.”

Since then, Bieller has been working with her store team to deliver for customers. “I remind my whole team of a few key things,” she said. “The first is that we’re all in this together. So if one person needs something, we all jump in to help. The second thing is that we keep this store clean. I love a clean store so I help teach new people how to keep this store looking good. And finally, I teach everyone to greet everyone who walks in the door. Everyone gets talked to. We greet everyone because we have no idea what kind of day they are having and we want to be the reason they smile, even for a minute.”

Taking time for the customers is something Bieller says has helped her establish great relationships in the community. “Everyone here knows me because I take the time to ask them about their day, their families…really anything and everything. I want our customers to know we care.”

Bieller’s commitment to going above a beyond even landed her recognition as a Store Manager of the Year from Save A Lot earlier this year. Store owners Tim and Andrea Sampson said Bieller always goes the extra mile for their customers, and they greatly appreciate it. Bieller plans to retire in 2025 but is confident in the team she’s trained for years to take care of her customers.

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