St. Louis, MO (February 26, 2024) – EnsembleIQ’s Progressive Grocer announced its 13th class of Outstanding Independents: “celebrating the innovation and resilience of independent food retailers.” Save A Lot is honored to have 10 spots on the list of 21 grocers. The exceptional achievements of those named to the 2024 class are credited to Save A Lot’s trusted retail partners, who operate stores across the country.

Among the honorees:

Save A Lot/Dyer Foods
Save A Lot/Freeman Family Enterprises
Save A Lot/Frenvey Inc.
Save A Lot/Horizon Group
Save A Lot/Houchens Food Group
Save A Lot/JCP Groceries
Save A Lot/McPherson Ltd.
Save A Lot/MVP Foods
Save A Lot/Saver Group
Save A Lot/Suzanne Schmitz

Save A Lot, Danny Wilson, Houchens Food Group
Save A Lot, Larry Noe, President & Director; Ashley Meister, Secretary & Director; Wendell Combs, Chairman & Director; Dale Combs, Director, Saver Group
Save A Lot, Joey Hays, Dyer Foods
Save A Lot/Suzanne Schmitz
Save A Lot, Todd Hinson, MVP Foods
Save A Lot, Tom Freeman, Tim Freeman, Paul Freeman, Freeman Family Enterprises
Save A Lot. Ethan Kawecki, Abby Shields, Elaine Kawecki, John Kawecki, Henry Nemenz, Horizon Group
Save A Lot, Shannon McPherson, McPherson Ltd.

All of these outstanding Save A Lot Retail Partners were recognized for their partnership in serving their communities. They all demonstrated a commitment to providing high quality, low cost fresh food for their customers while making a positive impact in their local areas.

Learn more about these outstanding independent grocers and their inspiring stories in Progressive Grocer’s February issue and online here.

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