Partners in business and in life helps make Save A Lot Retail Partners Shawn and Susan Rinnier a success story. The start of that story goes back 25 years. The two met while working for Shawn’s father, who ran a chain of grocery stores. At the time, Susan was a cashier and Shawn was running the front of the store. “I remember when Susan interviewed with my Dad and my sister. They loved her. They could tell right away she was intelligent and could really get things done” Shawn recalls.

After five years of working together, the two became a couple. “We’ve always worked together. Susan really is my better half” Shawn says. Susan agrees, “Ever since we met, we just realized we have the same interests and goals which makes working together and running a business easier.”

After buying Save A Lot stores, Shawn knew Susan needed to join the business full time. In 2015, she joined him by using her expertise in accounting to help grow the business. “Accounting and finance are really what I enjoy,” said Susan. “What’s really neat is that all these years later Shawn and I are still supporting the business in the same way we did when we met. I handle the finances and Shawn is out in stores. So much has changed, but our foundation is the same in business and in life.”

Today, the couple own and operate 21 Save A Lot stores across Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. “I definitely couldn’t run my Save A Lot stores as effectively as I do without Susan’s help,” Shawn says. “We really make the perfect pair because we compliment each other so well. What she does well helps keep the business financially healthy and what I do ensures our stores are operating efficiently.”

That partnership in the workplace extends to their homelife too. Shawn and Susan share five kids ranging in age from 5-years to 24-years old. Their oldest daughter also works with them.  “Susan and I are all about family,” Shawn said. “Having us working together all day then coming home for dinner with the kids, we never run out of things to talk about. I know other people say they can’t imagine spending all day with their spouse and honestly, I can’t imagine not working with her. We count on each other for everything, in life and in love which I think is really special.”

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