It is just us, or does summer feel like the official season of good food? Whether you are firing up burgers, brats or sweet corn on the grill this summer, we think Americans can agree, there’s something special (and oh so delicious) about a summer cookout. Grab your friends, family and neighbors and let Save A Lot help make this summer full of big savings and big flavors.

Fresh Cut Meat in Store

What makes meat even better – when it’s cut fresh in store by our meat cutters. At Save A Lot, it’s what we’re known (and loved for) by our customers.  

  • Baby Back Ribs – Rub some of our Marcum Gourmet Coffee Rub on those ribs and you’ll never cook them another way again.
    • USDA Beef –If you’re looking for a unique cut, our meat cutters have you covered. Whether it’s brisket, shank or short loin, our in-store team is ready to work with you to ensure you have the perfect cut for your party.
    • Pork Loin – Another crowd pleaser that can be seasoned with spices or smothered in sauce.

Making Meat Easier

If you aren’t quite ready to season, sauce and prepare fresh cut meat, we’ve still got lots of easy options to enjoy.

  • Market Selections Pork Baby Back Ribs – Delicious pork ribs packaged in BBQ sauce and ready for its debut on the grill – these pre-marinated ribs are as easy as 1-2-3, making anyone feel like a grill master. 
    • Market Selections BBQ Pulled Chicken – Make the meat served at your next get together super delicious and super easy. Just throw this one in the microwave and in minutes it’s ready to enjoy.
    • Bar S Classic Franks – Looking for an easy way to feed a lot of people? Just throw these delicious dogs right on the grill.
Friends and family picnic

Veg Out

We know meat is the main course for some, but for others, those summertime veggies and fruits are where it’s at. At Save A Lot, we’re all about the fresh produce.

  • Sweet Corn – This summer staple is sure to please everyone. Take your flavors up a notch by throwing some garlic salt in your butter before you grill it. You won’t regret it.
  • Zucchini – Whether you slice them into coins, dice them into cubes or chop them into spears, zucchini on the grill is delicious.
  • Watermelon – Everyone knows about cutting up this summertime fruit and serving it as is. But hear us out on this one…try throwing it on the grill. Just put some sugar, salt and lime zest in a bowl. Stir it and then sprinkle on top of freshly sliced pieces. Let the watermelon sit for 15 minutes before throwing it on the grill for 2-3 minutes – just long enough to get those grill marks.

Up Your Flavor Game

Now that you’ve got your fresh cut meat picked out, fruits and veggies decided, make sure to have the right spices and sauces on hand.

  • Kurtz BBQ Sauce – Whether you’re looking for sweet and spicy or an original BBQ sauce, our Kurtz’s line of sauces is sure to have something for everyone.  Honey BBQ, Hickory and Sweet & Spicy taste great on just about anything.
    • Marcum Spices – Take up your flavor game by having our Marcum Rubs handy this summer. Gourmet Chicken, Gourmet Steak & Chop and Gourmet Burger are just a few of the spices that pair perfectly with summer.
    • Kurtz Salad Dressings – Adding these dressings to summer salads is a go-to. But what about adding them to your favorite sides? We’re thinking our Kurtz’s Bacon Ranch Dressing would go great with those grilled zucchini spears. Get out there and explore new flavor combinations.


Your main course is picked out, your sides and spices are in your cart and now it’s time for the finale…dessert. Here are some ideas:

  • Ice Cream  –  I scream, you scream….the only thing better than ice cream is a GALLON of it. Stock up for an ice cream social or a fun neighborhood gathering by grabbing one of our World’s Fair gallons! Trust us…it won’t go to waste!
  • Toppings – Hot fudge, caramel, nuts…need we say more? Save A Lot’s World Fair brand has all your favorite ice cream toppings no matter what you’re in to!

So there you have it, Save A Lot’s starter guide for summer. We encourage our customers to explore our flavors in unique and fun ways to make this summer one to remember.

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