All across the country, Mom and Pop business owners are helping keep communities going. Here at Save A Lot, we’re proud to showcase a Mom and Pop Retail Partner that puts their community at the center of all they do. 

Meet Rod and Angie Taylor. They’ve been Save A Lot Retail Partners for 11 years, purchasing their Tahlequah, OK store in March 2012. With more than 15 years of grocery experience between them at the time, the Taylors decided it was the right time to work for themselves.  

Daily Life 

Every day starts around 6:30 a.m. with Rod arriving at the store. During those early morning hours, he prepares daily sales reports and works with his team to get the store ready to open for his community. Then he fills his day by overseeing operations, ordering products, managing vendors and working closely with his assistant manager to make sure the store stays in top condition for customers. 

Rod & Angie Taylor, Save A Lot Retail Partners

Family First 

Family has always been at the center of Rod and Angie’s decision to own and operate their own Save A Lot. Rod remembers their oldest being in kindergarten when they first bought the store and what great memories they made working there together. Both of their sons helped keep the shelves stocked and the store clean– a memory Rod says he’ll treasure especially now as both boys are getting older. His son, Luke, is now 16 and in high school, while son Logan is 13 and in middle school. Owning and operating their own Save A Lot has really allowed the Taylors to keep their family in the center of all they do, giving Angie the kind of flexible schedule that has allowed her to volunteer at the kids’ school.  

Save A Lot has also facilitated their family’s growth, even helping . Angie’s sister find her husband. She was working as an assistant manager for a few years and ended up hiring her future husband. They’ve now been married for 5 years and have two children.   

Making an Impact 

Being a part of the Tahlequah community is important to the Taylors and having the store has helped them make a real difference in their hometown.  They’ve partnered with several local organizations, like Hands of Grace for single mothers and the Care Food Pantry in town, and are always looking for ways to give back.  

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