After 23 years working at Save A Lot locations across Florida, Umatilla store manager Chip Bennett says one of the best parts of the job is being able to help customers. “No two days are exactly the same,” says Bennett. “I love that about this job. Being able to talk with the customers, find out what they need and help them get it so they can feed their family is really fulfilling for me.”

It’s that commitment to customers that has helped put Bennett’s stores at the top when it comes to growth in customer count and sales volume. He’s seen as an experienced leader who is respected by his store team, customers, and the greater Umatilla community.

One partnership that Bennett is especially proud of is with an organization called LovExtension. They help feed the elderly in the community. Bennett says each week when they come in to get food, he likes to lend a hand by loading the food into their vehicles.  “I know it’s a small act of just loading food into their car,” says Bennett. “But I appreciate what this group is doing for our community, so I always try to help them in any way I can.”

Providing opportunities for others is another part of the job Bennett enjoys. Helping find and train talent within the Umatilla and surrounding areas has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. Recently, Bennett had an opening for a meat cutter and when he couldn’t find anyone in the community with that experience, he decided to change up his approach. “I found someone who wanted a career change,” said Bennett. “They wanted to learn how to be a meat cutter and since many stores don’t offer fresh cut meat in store like Save A Lot does, I thought this could be a great first step in helping him learn about a career he was excited about. Giving people opportunities they might not have otherwise is a wonderful feeling.”

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