As the country springs forward to Daylight Savings Time on March 12, many people will be planning for longer days and hoping for shorter meal prep times. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for using frozen foods to help minimize your time in the kitchen while maximizing your meals.

Temperature Check

Any initial preparation of frozen food should start with ensuring your freezer is at the ideal temperature to store your frozen foods safely: at or below 0°F. By checking the temperature on your freezer first, you are ensuring your frozen food supply is safe to eat.  To safely check the temperature of your freezer, purchase a fridge thermometer and follow the instructions.

Waste Not, Want Not

Buying fresh produce and freezing it before it goes bad is an easy way to save on your grocery bill and reap the rewards of having produce on hand for a variety of recipes. Fruits and vegetables are great for this use but check first to see what preparation needs to be done to safely freeze and consume them. For instance, fresh carrots should be rinsed and chopped before freezing. Strawberries should be rinsed, and the hulls cut off before freezing on a parchment lined cookie sheet and storing them in a Triumph Quart-Sized Slider Storage Bag.

Stock Up to Save

Taking advantage of easily frozen sale items can also cut costs and simplify meals. Check the weekly ad at your local Save A Lot and look for great deals on items such as our fresh meat cut in store, chicken, pork and other items that freeze well. Stocking up ahead of time will help ensure your freezer is stocked with your family’s favorites.

Placement is Everything

Storing frozen foods safely is critical. Take into consideration the available space in your freezer before shopping so you don’t buy too much and don’t have proper space to store it safely. Keep in mind how quickly fresh food freezes. Placing foods directly against the side of the freezer speeds freezing times. Previously frozen items can be moved away from the side wall so that other foods needing to be frozen can take advantage of the accelerated freezing time.

Meals Made Easy

Don’t like spending time on food prep? Save A Lot has many convenience items in our freezer section that simplify meal making.

All good days start with a great breakfast and our line of Morning Delight breakfast items delivers on that. Whether it’s our Morning Delight French Toast Sticks for a breakfast at the kitchen table or more grab and go options like our Morning Delight Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant, getting a filling breakfast has never been easier.

For lunches made easy, our Easton’s line of items make for a delicious mid-morning snack or lunch. Our Easton’s Ham and Cheese Stuffed Sandwich or Combo Pizza Rolls are delicious choices that are ready in minutes.

Need dinner fast? Try our Mantia’s frozen pastas, like our Lasagna with Meat Sauce or Cheese Ravioli. Complete your meal by pairing with one of our Pickwell Farms steamable vegetable bags like sliced carrots or mixed vegetables and for a nutritious meal on the table in 30 minutes or less.

No matter how you approach it, having a nice selection of frozen foods on hand helps with simplifying meals and saving you on your grocery bill.

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