For Save A Lot Store Owner Ricky Vinson, the road to store ownership has been all about learning. Talk to Vinson and he’ll tell you he fell in love with the business more than four decades ago. Back then, he was working at a local Birmingham, AL grocery store learning all he could. If someone needed it done, they called Vinson. Having that role in the store meant Vinson learned every aspect; from stocking to ordering to offering customer service support, Vinson has done it all.

When Vinson started working at the Midfield, AL Save A Lot in 2003, he once again became the go-to guy around the store. By showing he could think quickly and do what was right for customers, he was promoted several times, eventually becoming a district manager. “I think people just know I’ll do what it takes to help people and the business succeed,” said Vinson. “Grocery is what I love. Helping customers with whatever they may need is really what makes working in grocery so special.”

His passion for serving customers also made him a well-known figure around the Midfield, AL store where he worked at for 11 years, building a family-like atmosphere.

Ultimately that sense of community led Vinson to consider taking ownership of the store.  When the previous ownership approached him about taking it over, he knew he had to do what was right for himself, his family and community.

“I grew up in the Birmingham area and have spent all my life here,” said Vinson. “This is home. My customers here are my community. When the chance came to own this Save A Lot, I jumped at it. I know and love this business and how it provides high quality food at a price point people can afford and I’m proud to bring that to them.”

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