It’s no secret that Save A Lot stores are closely connected to the communities they serve. But that community mindset extends to our Distribution Centers as well.

When organizers for the D-Day Ohio event in Conneaut, Ohio, approached the Austinburg Distribution Center for support, leadership was quick to offer their help. The annual event is a realistic and educational reenactment of the WWII European Theater of Operations and the D-Day Normandy invasion, drawing thousands of reenactors and spectators each year. To help support the three-day event, the distribution team donated a refrigerated trailer, seven pallets of water, bananas and Kiggins’ Granola Bars to help keep participants and spectators refreshed throughout the event.

“Giving back to the community is what we are all about at Save A Lot,” said Mike O’Connor, Director of Distribution Operations at Save A Lot. “Whenever opportunities come to showcase our great products and the work our team at the Austinburg Distribution Center do each day to help our stores keep food on their shelves, we take it. It was an honor and privilege to contribute and participate in this year’s event.”

Save A Lot believes that all neighborhoods should have access to fresh, high quality food options. Save A Lot focuses on offering everyday low prices on great tasting, high quality private label brands as well as national brand products, USDA-inspected meat cut fresh in store, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, and other non-food items.

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