Dalton, meat manager at our Munfordville, KY Save A Lot started his 12-year career with Save A Lot when he was just a senior in high school. Dalton’s passion for the job shines through daily by giving customer’s advice on what meat to buy or how to cook it and he prides himself on his ability to offer customers custom cuts of meat. 

“Meat” Dalton:  

How long have you been a Meat manager/cutter?

I have been cutting meat for 11 years now and I have been managing markets for 10 years.

How long have you been with Save A Lot?

I have been with Save A Lot for 12 years now.

How did you get your start in the meat retail business?

I started off as a stocker in my senior year of high school and I was fortunate enough to have been offered a meat cutter position upon graduating high school.

Favorite part of the job? 

The satisfaction of being able to give customers their own custom cuts of meat exactly the way they would like for the family.

How many meat cutters/managers would you guess you have trained in your career?

If I was to guess, I would say I’ve helped train at least 20 meat cutters.

What’s your favorite cut of meat?

My favorite cut of meat would be the ribeye. They are great sliced thick on the grill, thin sliced for sandwiches, and they make for a very flavorful beef roast.

What makes your meat department the place to shop/sets you apart?

We strive to help out the community, making sure customers leave here happy with the freshest product at the lowest prices we can possibly offer with the friendliest service out there. Shops are cleaned thoroughly every day. Customers can always count on us to give them the exact cut of meat that they would like at the exact thickness they would like. We will never tell a customer no, no matter the request. And if a customer or a restaurant needs a special meat that we don’t have on hand we will do whatever we can to make sure we get that particular meat in on our next truck.

How many different products would you estimate are available in the fresh meat program at your store?

I’d say there are over 75 different items to choose from in our fresh meat program.

What’s the funniest question or request you’ve received from a shopper?

To me there is never a silly request or a funny question a customer could ask. I will fulfil any customers request as well as give advice on what to buy or how to cook it even if they think they are asking silly questions.

What’s a favorite experience or memory from working for Save A Lot?

My favorite experiences are the many 1-day sales that our store has. To me there is nothing like the rush of working such a busy day while helping the community by giving them the lowest prices possible.

What’s your favorite Save A Lot private label product?

I would say our own pick 5 sausage. To me it tastes just as good as name brand if not better for almost half the price.

What do you like to do on your day off?

I like to spend time traveling with my family on my time off and if I’m home, I love to cook new recipes, especially on the grill or smoker.

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