Vic Lotempio, meat manager at our Ontario, NY Save A Lot has been interacting with customers and cutting meat for 9+ years. With 30 years of experience, Vic knows exactly what customers are looking for when it comes to Fresh Cut Meat.

“Meat” Vic:  

How long have you been a Meat manager/cutter? 30 years 

Vic Lotempio, meat manager, Ontario, NY Save A Lot

How long have you been with the Ontario Save A Lot? Since the store opened 9+ years ago. 

How did you get your start in the meat retail business? I participated in a co-op program in high school. I would spend half my day in regular high school classes and half my day at the trade school learning to cut meat. 

Favorite part of the job? Getting to interact with customers and do custom cuts for them. 

How many meat cutters/managers would you guess you have trained in your career? 20 

What’s your favorite cut of meat? Beef Top Sirloin 

What makes your meat department the place to shop/sets you apart? We offer so many choices and we do special orders and custom cuts to give customers exactly what they’re looking for. 

How many different products would you estimate are available in the fresh meat program at your store? Probably 100 or more 

What’s the funniest question or request you’ve received from a shopper? A customer once asked if the beef marrow bones (labeled “Dog Bones”) were actually made from dogs. 

What’s a favorite experience or memory from working for Save A Lot? One of the first customers I met when the store opened was a lady who had just turned 90 years old. She recently turned 100 and still regularly comes in to see me! 

What’s your favorite Save A Lot private label product? Mantia’s Signature Mac & Cheese with Bacon 

What do you like to do on your day off? Hang out at home and do yard work. 

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