Party Mocktails
Party Mocktails

A Party With a Punch is Worth Mentioning

For all of your special occasions, we have the perfect beverage in mind. Our mocktail tips and recipes will impress your guests and have them asking for a copy of your recipe. Cheers to celebrations!

Mocktail Tips and Tricks

  • Use frozen fruit instead of ice in any drink to keep drinks cold without diluting any flavor.

  • Make ice cubes out of tonic water for an awesome flavor that intensifies as the ice melts.

  • Sprinkle salt on a coaster to prevent coasters from sticking to sweating glasses.

  • Any garnishes will put your drinks on the "A+ List." A simple mint leaf or lemon slice goes a long way.

  • Boil water, let it cool, and then pour into ice cube trays and freeze to make clear bartender quality ice cubes.

  • Quickly chill mixers by wrapping a wet paper towel around the bottle and sticking it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

  • Store leftover drinks in glass jars to preserve the flavor.