Serving up Party Appetizers
Serving up Party Appetizers

Is Your Party Prepared?


No party is complete without a little finger food! When you are putting together a party, think about the side dishes you want to serve. Make sure that they are easy to grab and won't cause a mess. Serve them up with small plates and napkins.







Serve the right amount of food for the size of your party.


Eating Early?


4-5 Appetizers


You'll need 4 to 5 different appetizers per person.


Eating Later?


6-7 Appetizers


Plan to provide 6 to 7 appetizers per person.


Just Appetizers?


8-9 Appetizers


Plan on having 8 to 9 different appetizers per person.


Cocktail Party?


8-12 Appetizers


We recommend 8 to 12 different appetizers per person.

Make the right amount of appetizers for your next party with our handy guide.


Appetizers Guide


Make it Easy!


Follow these simple steps to make party planning easier.


1. Do the Prep Work. Sorting out ingredients and making sauces in advance will save you time and decrease stress.


2. Be Inventive with Your Platters. You don't have to go out and buy expensive china. Try using cutting boards, cookie sheets, or even checker boards for fun serving platters!.


3. Divide the Apps. Split up the appetizers among several platters so your guests can try a variety of different food from wherever they are seated.


4. Make the Most of Your Space. If you are short on space, try stacking cake stands on top of one another to make a tiered serving stand.