Halloween safety tips, spooky treats, and more
Halloween safety tips, spooky treats, and more

Happy Halloween!

Before the kids put on their costumes and search for the best candy in the neighborhood, try one of our quick and easy weeknight dinner recipes to fill them up before they have a basket full of Halloween candy. 


Top 4 Halloween Safety Tips

1 Don't eat candy that has been opened or taken out of its original packaging. 
2 Stay on sidewalks. If crossing the street, make sure the driver sees you before crossing.
3 Carry flashlights or glow in the dark items to light your path and to easily be seen by drivers.
4 Only go to houses with the front porch light on and never enter a house or car for treats.


Halloween Game for Kids

Grab the candy corn and let's play bingo! Print the rules and enough bingo cards for the whole family.


Halloween Bingo Printable


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