Our Favorite Chili Recipes and Toppings
Our Favorite Chili Recipes and Toppings

A pot of chili can warm up any occasion

Coordinate a chili cook off in your community to see who has the perfect combination of spices in their award winning chili recipe. Or at your next event, prepare a simple chili recipe and then set up a chili toppings bar for your guests to create their own masterpieces!  

It's time to spice up your favorite homemade chili with unique topping combinations or try something completely new! Get inspired with our best chili recipes below.

Our Favorite Chili Toppings

Coburn Farms Sour Cream

Coburn Farms Mild Shredded Cheddar Cheese

J. Higgs Oyster Crackers


Fresh Chopped Onion

Spicy Cornbread

Kurtz Mustard