Baking Made Easy with secrets from GINGER EVANS.
Baking Made Easy with secrets from GINGER EVANS.

Whatever you're baking this holiday season, pick up Ginger Evans baking products at Save A Lot and follow these tricks to help your favorite baked goods rise to the top. Here are a few of our favorite baking tips!

1. Read the Whole Recipe. Read the entire recipe before you start cooking to prevent mistakes.


2. Never Frozen. Allow your ingredients to come to room temperature before combining.


3. Don’t Over-mix. Over-mixing your dough can leave your baked goods hard and crusty.


4. Measure it Right. Measure liquid in glass and solids in plastic measuring cups.

Flour, butter, eggs and whisk


Cookie dough and prepared cookies


5. Hold the Icing. Make your cake the day before and ice it the day you plan on eating it.


6. Prep Ahead. Most desserts can be knocked out days before the event. Start baking early.


7. Is it Soft or Liquid? Melted butter is not the same as softened butter.


8. Chill Cookie Dough. Refrigerating your cookie dough for a few minutes will yield firmer, sweeter cookies.


9. Easy Cleanup. Use parchment paper to reduce mess and make cleaning easier.


10. Keep the Oven Closed. A closed oven door will save energy and ensure your treats are evenly baked.


11. Let it Cool. Nobody likes burning their mouth. Give your baked goods a few minutes to cool before eating.




Pumpkin pie