Sweet, Sweet Cherries
Sweet, Sweet Cherries

Sweet, Affordable Cherries at Save-A-Lot

Save-A-Lot is proud to offer Northwest Cherries, which are grown and hand-picked here in the USA in regions of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Montana. Sweet Northwest Cherries are low fat, sodium free, and a great source of fiber and Vitamin C. Learn more about these healthy snacks at Northwest Cherry Growers.


How to Choose and Keep Fresh Cherries

  • Look for cherries that are plump and shiny.

  • Store cherries in the refrigerator without rinsing.

  • Cherries will keep in the refrigerator for 5-10 days.

  • Rinse cherries with cold water before eating.

How to Choose Cherries

Enjoy Sweet Cherries All Year Long

How to Freeze Cherries

  • Rinse cherries in cold water, drain thoroughly. Remove stems.

  • Pack cherries in plastic freezer bags or freezer-proof containers.

  • Remove excess air, cover tightly, and freeze.

  • Cherries will keep in the freezer for 6-8 months.


How to Can Cherries

Please note: These steps are based on Water Bath Canning methods. For more information on canning please visit Northwest Cherry Growers.

  • Wash, pit and stem cherries. Place all pitted cherries in a bowl and dispose of stems and pits. If halved cherries are desired for the final product, halve cherries before moving to Step 2. Tip: Purchasing a cherry pitter will make this step much easier.

  • Prepare canning jars according to jar directions.

  • Make syrup. We prefer light syrup, which is made with 3 parts water and 1 part granulated sugar. Stir in a large pot over high heat until sugar dissolves.

  • After jars are prepared, fill hot jars with cherries leaving approximately 1/2 inch from the top of the jar.

  • After jars are filled with cherries, fill with light syrup. Fill jars approximately 1/2 inch from the top of the jar. After filling, place lids and rims on cans closing tightly.

  • Process cans according to canning directions. Canning processes vary by technique, i.e. water bath versus pressure canning.

  • Once the cans have processed for the appropriate amount of time, let cool until lids seal (you will hear them pop!). Once cooled, store in a pantry until ready to enjoy!