Here are the 10 most forgotten items on a Thanksgiving grocery shopping list.
Here are the 10 most forgotten items on a Thanksgiving grocery shopping list.

10 Most Forgotten Items on Thanksgiving Grocery List

Planning the perfect Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful and it's easy to forget a few of the key items and ingredients. Here's a list of the 10 most forgotten items (not) on a Thanksgiving grocery list to help with your holiday grocery planning. But do know, if you do have to make a quick run to the store, we're here for you with most locations open on Thanksgiving day.


10 Most Forgotten Grocery Items:


1. Butter:

Butter is at the top for one reason: shoppers frequently underestimate the amount needed for all of their recipes and overestimate how much they already have at home. Double-check the amount you need and the type of butter the recipe calls for. You also can't forget to have butter for rolls and other bread items.

Butter is the number one forgotten item on a Thanksgiving grocery list.


2. Baking chocolates & sprinkles:

How can you make your famous cookie recipe if you don't have the chocolate chips or sprinkles? It is so easy to 'think' you have some at home, but let's be safe instead of sorry. Make sure to pick up enough for all of your recipes and for snacking here or there.

Don't forget chocolate chips, baking chocolates or sprinkles for your Thanksgiving recipes.


3. Sweetened condensed milk:

One of the more underrated Thanksgiving recipe ingredients has to be sweetened condensed milk. Making cakes, caramel, or frosting? Sweetened condensed milk makes them all possible. So this year, let's give this item its due glory and add it to the shopping list. You'll be happy you did.

Sweetened condensed milk is a grocery list necessity for Thanksgiving.


4. Vanilla Extract:

Number four on our list is an obvious baking staple that’s commonly overlooked. More likely than not, it is left off your grocery list because you are 'positive' that you have it at home. While this can be true in some cases, a lot of the time it isn't. Since there aren't a lot of substitutes for vanilla, triple check the cabinet before you leave for the store.

Don't forget the vanilla extract on your Thanksgiving grocery list.


5. Chicken stock:

Gravy, soups, and pasta are just some comfort foods that are brought to life with chicken stock. Typically used to enhance flavors of a dish, this ingredient is extremely diverse and can be used to cook grains and even braise meat and vegetables. Even if you’re not 100% sure of your holiday menu, be sure to add it to the list to ensure those last-minute frustrations – and grocery trips - are avoided.

Chicken stock is commonly forgotten when grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.


6. Nuts & dried fruit:

At a lot of Thanksgiving celebrations, there seems to be a significant amount of grazing that occurs prior to the big meal. At Save A Lot we're guilty because we try to appease our appetite a tiny bit before the main event. Great options that many people turn to are charcuterie boards or an assortment of dried fruits and nuts. A problem arises though when you forget to buy them during your grocery shopping trip... This year impress your snack-loving and add some variety with a tropical trail mix.

Don't forget the nuts and dried fruit for Thanksgiving and get Nutsome Tropical Trail Mix.


7. Canned pumpkin & pie fillings:

Is Thanksgiving really Thanksgiving if there isn't a pumpkin pie? Or even worse, if there isn't a pie at all? Prevent your guests' disappointment and make sure that all of your needed pie fillings make your shopping list. Otherwise, you might have to answer to your Mother-In-Law.

P.S. we also recommend picking up plenty of pie crusts, whipped cream, and other toppings.

Pumpkin, cherry, and blueberry pie fillings from Ginger Evans.


8. Cream Cheese:

Cream cheese is the one ingredient that doesn't always come to mind but really adds to a dish. This is why we have it at the 8th spot on our list. While cream cheese is often forgotten, it is crucial to the overall success of many Thanksgiving recipes. One of Save A Lot's favorite things to use cream cheese for is rich mashed potatoes. The additional ingredient makes this traditional side dish creamy and full of flavor.

Cream cheese is an essential ingredient in so many Thanksgiving dishes.


9. Holiday spices:

No one likes to see amazing looking food, only to take a bite and find out there isn't any flavor. Check your shopping list twice to make sure that you can season your meal to perfection with Thanksgiving holiday spices. Most cooks have a spice rack that is stocked with everyday essentials but make sure you have plenty of ginger, nutmeg, and cloves, to name a few.

Thanksgiving meal spices and seasonings from Marcum.


10. Boxed stuffing & instant mashed potatoes:

Last, but not least are boxed stuffing and instant mashed potatoes. Whether your family prefers the traditional flavor or you are using them as a base to a bigger recipe, verify that they are in the pantry or on your grocery list. This way there are thankful smiles all around.

Dish'd boxed stuffing and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.