Save-A-Lot Brand

1,300 stores and growing.

Save-A-Lot is a leader in the hard discount, carefully selected assortment grocery store industry with over 1,300 locations. In fact, we have had over 40 consecutive years of growth and have plans for new Save-A-Lot locations through license and corporate store development.

Customers enjoy saving up to 40% compared to traditional grocery stores on high quality, exclusive brands and can find national brand products as well as USDA-inspected beef, pork and poultry, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and non-food items in our stores. In addition, our smaller stores are clean, bright and make the customers’ shopping experience quicker and easier.

Independent retailers choose Save-A-Lot for many of the same reasons our customers do. Efficiencies such as our carefully selected assortment business model and exclusive Save-A-Lot brands help keep costs low and offers customers the savings they have come to expect. Save-A-Lot also utilizes smaller format stores that are bright, clean and user friendly. Their smaller size also equates to lower overhead.

Save-A-Lot is not a typical franchise. In fact, it is not a franchise at all; it is a proven license business model designed with the store owner in mind. Save-A-Lot uses this over a franchising program because franchisors typically charge upfront franchise fees and royalties on a go-forward basis, whereas Save-A-Lot does not.

2016 Top U.S. Grocers

3rd Largest Grocery Banner in U.S.

Save-A-Lot food stores

The Save-A-Lot Mission

We help our customers to live richer, fuller lives by saving them money and time through a compelling, convenient shopping experience featuring great food, great prices and great people, every day.

To do this, Save-A-Lot procures, distributes and markets carefully selected assortments of high quality food and household needs, emphasizing our exclusive, private label brands. Save-A-Lot’s highly efficient supply chain enables us to sell at prices well below conventional supermarkets. This means our customers can use the money they save for other things that are important to them. Save-A-Lot strives to provide a positive shopping experience in stores that are clean, well-stocked, fresh and staffed by friendly, helpful and respectful associates.

These attributes—great food, great prices and great people—together with the time saving convenience of our stores, enable Save-A-Lot to make a difference in helping our customers live richer, fuller lives.

Save-A-Lot's Guiding Principle

Our guiding principle is to be consumer centric.

The consumer will guide us in everything we do. While we are always mindful of costs and efficiencies, in the end Save-A-Lot’s decisions and actions are guided by how best to meet the needs and wants of the value-seeking consumer.