Ownership has its privileges, like $200,000* or more…

Save-A-Lot has a new incentive program designed to help retailers interested in opening new stores. With our Licensed Store Incentive Program, all new and converted licensed stores will receive an incentive of at least $200,000. First time Save-A-Lot licensees also receive support services such as basic accounting services and IT host support at reduced cost or no cost for the first year of store operation, and management training for up to four of the retailer's key personnel.

Participating in our new Licensed Store Incentive Program requires the following:

  • Obtain a 5-year lease or own property approved as a Save-A-Lot store location site
  • Sign Save-A-Lot standard License and Supply Agreement
  • Operate in accordance with the terms of the License and Supply Agreements and related documents
  • Meet the minimum PCR (Purchase Concentration Rate) requirement for a new store

With these attractive incentives and today’s market, there has never been a better time to become a Save-A-Lot licensee.

Become a Save-A-Lot licensee

*Participation in the Incentive Program includes operational approval, site approval, retailer financial approval, as well as other requirements specific to each new store project. Other conditions may apply. Program details are subject to change. The minimum financial incentive of $200,000 is available within the 48 contiguous U.S. states only. To learn more about financial incentives that may be available outside the continental U.S. (excluding Alaska), please contact a Save-A-Lot representative.