Estimated Start-Up Cost*

Thanks to our smaller, more efficient stores, the initial start-up costs of a Save-A-Lot food store is extremely cost effective compared to developing a traditional supermarket. The majority of Save-A-Lot stores are located in existing leased retail space.

The start-up costs include:

  • Leasehold improvements
  • Refrigeration (certified refurbished refrigeration is permitted and can reduce initial cost)
  • Store Equipment
  • Point of sale system
  • Initial inventory
  • Pre-opening expense
  • Grand Opening Advertising
  • Working capital and security deposits

Here is a breakdown of the approximate low and high range of what you can expect to invest:

Startup Costs LOW HIGH
Leasehold Improvements $100K $350K
Refrigeration $225K $550K
Store Equipment $75K $150K
Front End System (POS) $40K $60K
Initial Inventory $170K $200K
Pre-Opening Expenses $10K $50K
Grand Opening Advertising $25K $40K
Working Capital $20K $50K
Security Deposit $55K $65K
Total $740K $1.515M

*Estimated start-up cost reflect Save-A-Lot’s investment range on licensed developed stores. For Demonstration Purposes Only. Development and construction costs will vary by store and geographic region. It is recommended that Licensee have contingency costs built into their budget and have reserve capital to cover any unforeseen expenses related to construction and other store related opening costs. Licensee should make their own final determination of investment cost. Estimate does not include real estate costs for ground-up locations. Investment ranges do not include financial incentive.