Become a Save A Lot Independent retail operator today.
Become a Save A Lot Independent retail operator today.

Available Opportunities


Acquire Operating Trading Locations: 

For a limited- time, we are re-licensing many of our corporate stores to independent retail operator locations. This unique opportunity greatly reduces the time to become a Save A Lot independent retail operator.

1.    Opportunity to acquire multiple locations at one time.
2.    Full turnkey operation with management & store teams in place.
3.    Established business with proven sales volume & customer base.


Convert an Existing Grocery Store: 

Having been in the grocery business, you know the ins and outs of operating a grocery store. Save A Lot can provide the tools to compete in the ever-changing grocery industry by offering a time-tested business model. In fact, many of our current licensed stores are conversions of conventional grocery stores.

1.    Simple Business Model.  Much less complex than operating a conventional grocery store with full bakery, deli & other service departments.
2.    Lower operating costs.  Save A Lot is built on efficiency.  All store related processes are designed to minimize independent retail operator labor & costs.
3.    Consistent everyday low prices & exclusive brands that our customers love!


New Store Development – Ground-up or Retrofit:

While Save A Lot’s attractive business model may be what draws many future licensees in, it is Save A Lot’s unrivaled support services that keep them with us. From site evaluation, project management support to in store training and field and distribution support, Save A Lot does whatever it takes to keep our independent retail operators on the right track.

1.    Cost effective prototype.
2.    Real estate & land development guidance
3.    Construction Management services