It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: National Pie Day. And what better way to celebrate than with three delicious pie recipes from our very own Chef Holly. Enjoy!

1. Salted Carmel Apple Pie

It’s sweet. It’s salty – it’s downright irresistible. And just a tip: don’t skimp on the World’s Fair Caramel Sauce. It’s worth every calorie!

picture of salted carmel apple pie

2.  Citrus Chess Pie 

Crunchy Kiggins Corn Flakes and Pickwell Farms Mandarin Oranges star in this zesty crowd-pleaser.

picture of citrus chess pie

3. Sundae Cream Pie 

Give your oven a rest with this terrific no-bake pie featuring Ginger Evans Vanilla Pudding, Nutsome Chopped Pecans and World’s Fair Creamy Whip.

picture of sundae cream pie

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