Valentine’s Day is about more than just flowers and chocolate. It’s about spending time – quality time – with the one you love. And since food is the universal love language, we’ve laid out a romantic 3-course meal that tastes even better prepared together.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potatoes with Creamy Maple Mustard Sauce

Set the tone with these sweet and smoky Farmington bacon-wrapped sweet potato wedges, drizzled with a dreamy glaze of Kurtz Dijon Mustard, Coburn Farms Plain Greek Yogurt and Bramley’s Pure Maple Syrup.

wrapped sweet potatoes

2. Pistachio Pesto Pasta with Shrimp 

Cozy up with a main course of succulent Portside Shrimp and Mantia’s Bowtie Pasta tossed in a savory blend of Nutsome Pistachios, fresh spinach and Mantia’s Grated Parmesan Cheese.

Pistachio Pesto Pasta with Shrimp

3. Brownie Berry Parfait

And because no Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolate, indulge in this decadent dessert featuring Grissom’s Brownie Bites, Nutsome Hazelnutter Spread and Coburn Farms Whipped Cream.

Brownie Berry Parfait

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