We believe summers were made for making ice cream memories, and we’ve got you covered when it comes to your ice cream favorites (like Crown Creamery Butter Pecan and World’s Fair French Vanilla Ice Cream). But we also know adding toppings on those scoops can take your dessert from delicious to delectable. Here are our picks for exciting flavors worth trying. Whether sweet, savory or fruity flavors are your thing, we’ve got options for every taste.   

For the traditionalist. If you’re all about the classics, we have them. Our World’s Fair line of goodies have everything you’ll need to top your sundae, from chocolate syrup to whipped topping and – who can forget about the ultimate topper – maraschino cherries. 

For the adventurous. As we delve into more adventurous flavors, let’s start off with some sweet and chewy options. Our Aces Fruit Slices and Gummi Worms are tailored made to top your next sundae.  

If you are a bit nutty. For those of you into more nutty flavors, our Nutsome line has lots of tasty options. We like to keep our Nutsome Dry Roasted Peanuts and Nutsome Chopped Pecans on hand because they are bite sized and require no prep work.   

For fruit lovers. If fresh fruit is more to your liking, Save A Lot has lots of options in our produce or frozen sections. But how about trying something new by tossing our pieces of our Kiggins Fruit & Grain Bars or Toaster Tarts on top of your ice cream? We think you’ll love the pairing of fruit flavors with the crunch of the grain bars or toaster tarts. 

When you crave crunch. Speaking of crunch, what about enjoying the fun flavors of breakfast for dessert? Our cereal aisle has a lot to offer including our Kiggins Frosty Flakes and Honey Puffs.  

For chocolate lovers. No talk of toppings would be complete without mentioning chocolate. Consider adding some of our Aces Chocolate Covered Raisins or melting a spoon (or two) full of Nutsome Chocolate Hazelnut Spread over your next scoop.  

Everything’s better with bacon. Last, but not least, we’ve got a savory option worth mentioning. If bacon is your jam, the next time you’re in your local Save A Lot, be sure to pick up two packs of our Farmington Bacon. One for breakfast and one for dessert. 

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