We know the positive impact Save A Lot team members bring to customers in the more than 800 stores across the country. So we’re introducing you to a few of those team members who work tirelessly to ensure our customers have the best shopping experience possible.  

Save A Lot Store Manager Kristen Hammond

Meet Kristen 

Kristen Hammond is the store manager of the Save A Lot in Dybersburg, TN. A 35-year employee of the store, Kristen started her Save A Lot career at 18, as a cashier. “Back in the early days of being a cashier, we had to memorize all the prices in the store. It was tough. Thank goodness a lot has changed with new technology,” she said. Among those changes she’s seen is bringing scanners to the store to help keep track of inventory and pricing. “It helps speed things along for the customer when I can quickly scan a barcode. They appreciate being able to get in and out with what they need.” 

What She Does 

On any given day, what Kristen does could be different. One day she could be filling in for a person out sick in produce or helping to unload trucks of product. It’s that variety that keeps her going each day. “I can do just about every job here in the store. From produce to center store to the registers, I’ve done it all,” she said.  

What She Loves 

As a Save A Lot store manager, Kristen loves meeting new people. “I grew up in this town and I still think it’s neat that I meet new people at the store that I never knew before.” she said, noting that she really saw an uptick in new customers after the store remodeled in June 2021. “Once we got done with the remodel, we saw lots of new customers. People kept saying how nice the store was and it was great to see new faces in town come in to see what we have to offer.” 

When it comes to the store, she loves putting together holiday displays, especially Christmas when the store carries numerous fun seasonal items. “Building displays is what I enjoy most. I get to be creative with the products and it’s fun to see what customers think,” she said. “I also love the time around the holidays because our store team puts holiday baskets together for local charities. It’s a great way we give back.” 

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