ST. LOUIS, MO (APRIL 19, 2023) – Save A Lot, one of the largest discount grocery chains in the U.S., today announced the release of its first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report, detailing the Company’s progress in creating value for key stakeholders by developing and maintaining a sustainable business model. The release of this report marks Save A Lot’s first steps in communicating practices in place to address Team Members, Retail Partners, customers and communities and lays the foundation for more fully integrating a value-creation philosophy into the Company’s go-forward business approach. 

“At our core, Save A Lot is a business that exists to be a solution by providing access to fresh, affordable and healthy foods to families,” said Leon Bergmann, Save A Lot CEO. “Community is wired into the very heart and soul of our business model, which is comprised of more than 180 small and medium-sized business owners who own and operate locations across the country. We are committed to identifying and prioritizing ways we can continue to make a positive impact for team members, Retail Partners and customers, while also taking action to support sustainability for the environment and the company itself.” 

View Save A Lot’s full ESG 2022 report by clicking on the image above

Highlights from the report include: 

  • Detail about Save A Lot’s culture for supporting Team Members through hiring, engagement, training and total rewards 
  • An overview of Save A Lot’s locally owned and operated business model, and how Retail Partners and stores are engaging directly with the communities they serve 
  • Data on the steps the Company is taking to proactively manage energy, emissions and waste across its distribution network 
  • Save A Lot’s approach to corporate governance and long-term brand protection 

The report offers a snapshot of the 45-year-old Company’s progress and lays out key metrics and commitments that will serve as a baseline for continued future reporting. View Save A Lot’s full 2022 ESG report here. 

About Save A Lot  

Founded in 1977, Save A Lot is one of the largest discount grocery store chains in the U.S., with over 800 stores in 32 states. Save A Lot remains true to its mission of being a hometown grocer, providing outstanding quality and value to local families. Customers enjoy significant savings compared to traditional grocery stores on great tasting, high quality private label brands, national brand products, USDA-inspected meat, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, and other non-food items. For more information visit and follow Save A Lot on Facebook ( and Instagram, or for more information on becoming a Save A Lot independent retail operator visit 

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