National Waffle Day is officially here! And what better way to celebrate than with this fun Chicken n’ Waffles recipe featuring our very own State Street Crispy Chicken Strips, Morning Delight Homestyle Waffles and Morning Delight Syrup.

Difficulty: Easy
Serves: 4
Prep Time: less than 5 minutes
Cook Time: See package instructions

State Street Crispy Chicken Strips (8 strips)
Morning Delight Homestyle Waffles (4)
Morning Delight Original Syrup or Bramley’s 100% Maple Syrup (1/3 Cup)

Picture of Save A Lot Brand Waffles

Pre-heat oven and bake State Street Crispy Chicken Strips according to package instructions
Toast Morning Delight Homestyle Waffles according to package instructions
While waffles toast, warm syrup in microwave safe dish for 1 minute
Assemble two chicken strips on top of toasted waffle 
Drizzle with warm syrup and enjoy!

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