What’s the secret to great entertaining during the holidays? It’s all about the spices!

Stock your pantry ahead of time with those special seasonings and spices that will make perfect recipes a snap, every time:

  • Baking essentials: Marcum’s everyday seasonings like vanilla, cinnamon or even paprika are go-tos for many delicious holiday baking items and drinks. Make sure you have plenty on hand!
  • Pre-made Mixes: Add Marcum Ranch dip mix to sour cream for an easy (and delicious) veggie dip, or mix Marcum Italian salad dressing mix with oil for a ready-to-serve vinaigrette.
  • Seasonal specialties: Special holiday spices, like Marcum allspice, nutmeg, ginger or even pumpkin pie spices are handy for dialing up the flavor in favorite recipes. For extra zing in your holiday meats, try Marcum poultry seasoning or add Marcum sage, rosemary or thyme.

Check out Save A Lot spices (and other holiday entertainment ideas) featured on Tips on TV by food and lifestyle expert Parker Wallace, founder of Parker’s Plate and author of a best-selling cookbook, “Eat Rich, Stay Skinny: A Girls’ Guide to Holiday Feasting.”

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