ST. LOUIS, MO (December 14, 2022) – Move over ham. Move over turkey because when it comes to holiday cooking, Save A Lot shoppers are spending this December baking something sweet. Just how much baking do our customers do around the holiday? We crunched the numbers, looking at last year’s sales data to see which items we sell the most of throughout the month. No surprise, we sold a ho, ho whole lot of pantry supplies that are essential for great cookie, cakes, brownies and pies. Here’s what the numbers showed: 

  1. When it comes to baking, our customers love their chocolate. Last December, we sold 55,000 bags of our Ginger Evans Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. That’s 41,000 pounds of delicious chocolate goodness.   
  1. The next biggest seller partners perfectly with those chocolate chips: our Marcum Pure Vanilla Extract. Sales of that in December alone went up nearly 80% over the rest of the year. 
  1. Rounding out the top three best sellers is our Ginger Evans All-Purpose Flour 5 lb bag. Customers picked up 40% more flour in December. 
  1. Calling all cake fans: sales for our Ginger Evans Yellow Cake Mix increased 33% in December 2021. 
  1. Finally sales of our Good Nature 18-count Grade A Large Eggs were up 30%.  

Now if only we could get a taste of all the sweet creations customers are making with these during the holidays…  

What do our top five baking sellers tell us about our customers? Well, we’d like to think they know how to bring the holidays home by baking up some delicious treats for their loved ones. Feeling inspired to get in the kitchen? We thought you might be so we’ve compiled some delicious, sweet treat recipes to get your holiday baking started.  

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