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ST. LOUIS (June 21, 2022) – With grocery prices at a 40-year high,1 the temperature isn’t the only thing rising this summer. To help Americans lower their grocery bills, Save A Lot reveals the eight summer barbecue staples that can save shoppers up to 45 percent2 when they switch to store-owned brands.

“We know everyone’s wallets are being squeezed by skyrocketing gas prices, bigger bills at restaurants and ‘shrinkflation’ from national food brands,” said Tim Schroder, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Save A Lot. “At Save A Lot, we want people to feel like there’s still room to enjoy summer. We’re inviting shoppers to try our private label products for their next barbecue. We think they’ll find they’re just as good (or better) than their national brand equivalents, but they’ll spend a lot less. We’re all about giving people a lot more bang for their buck—like, a lot a lot.”

With 4th of July barbecues right around the corner, there’s no better time for shoppers to check out the savings on these must-have summer staples.

Total Cost of Save A Lot (approx. $15) vs. Total Cost of National Brands (approx. $27) — up to 45% Less2

  1. J. Higg’s Classic Potato Chips: Half the cost of Lays
  2. Sunny’s Cremesations: Half the cost of Oreos
  3. Crystal Falls Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade: Half the cost of ICE
  4. Farmington Brats: Nearly 20% less than Johnsonville
  5. Grissom Buns: 15% less than Ballpark
  6. Kurtz Ketchup: Half the cost of Heinz
  7. Kurtz Mustard: Half the cost of French’s
  8. Kurtz Hot Sauce: Half the cost of Franks

Shoppers can find these products, farm-fresh produce and fresh-cut meats at Save A Lot’s more than 850 stores in hometowns across the US.

New “A Lot Alike” Ad Campaign Spotlights Save A Lot Exclusive Brands

To stand out from other grocers that have one or two private label brands on shelf, Save A Lot has curated around 1,850 items across 55 individual brands that give shoppers a taste that matches the competition along with a unique brand experience. The discount grocer will showcase these Save A Lot exclusive brands in new ad spots, launching June 26, 2022, that pit Save A Lot brands – such as J. Higg’s, Sunny’s and Grissom’s — against their well-known national counterparts to show just how “A Lot Alike” they are (and of course, how much people can save). Private label brands account for nearly 70 percent of Save A Lot’s total sales and are the key to how the hometown grocer keeps costs low as food and gas prices soar. 

Enter to Win a 5-Minute Shopping Spree at Save A Lot

Starting tomorrow, savvy shoppers can enter to win Save A Lot’s “Spree For All,” a shopping spree that sends the winner home with everything they can fit in their cart in 5 minutes. Enter to win at https://savealot.com/sweepstakes/spree/ between June 22, 2022, and July 10, 2022.

About Save A Lot

Founded in 1977, Save A Lot is one of the largest discount grocery store chains in the U.S., with more than 850 stores in 32 states. Save A Lot remains true to its mission of being a hometown grocer, providing unmatched quality and value to local families. Customers enjoy significant savings compared to traditional grocery stores on great tasting, high quality private label brands, national brand products, USDA-inspected meat, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, and other non-food items. For more information visit www.SaveALot.com and follow Save A Lot on Facebook (facebook.com/savealot), Twitter (@savealot), and Instagram or TikTok (@SaveALotFoodStores), or for more information on becoming a Save A Lot independent retail operator visit ownasavealot.com.

1. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Consumer Price Index. Retrieved June 14, 2022.

2. Prices/discounts for Save A Lot private label items are based on prices at the St. Louis Save A Lot locations. Price comparisons for the national brand items shown are the lowest prices at representative Walmart and Walmart Neighborhood Markets and/or St. Louis Save A Lot locations during the period of 06/08/2022.  Prices at individual stores may vary.  Walmart and Walmart Neighborhood Markets may offer lower priced national products.

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