In honor of National Sandwich Day, Chef Holly’s put together 5 delicious recipes that will change the way you think about sandwiches.

1.    Roasted Veggie and Hummus Naanwich – Coburn Farms feta and Kurtz pimento sliced manzanilla olives round out this healthy, delicious vegetarian sandwich.

roasted veggie and hummus nannwich

2.    Italian Shredded Beef Sandwich – Bust out the crock pot for this easy-to-prepare, melt-in-your-mouth shredded beef, sandwiched between two pieces of Grissom’s Italian-style garlic bread.

italian shredded beef sandwich

3.    Baja Chicken Sandwich – Hungry for something fresh and summer-y? This sandwich pairs zesty cabbage and cilantro slaw with our State Street chicken patties for a flavor you won’t believe.

Baja Chicken Sandwich

4.    The Shrimp Roll –Take a trip to the harbor with this simple twist on the classic coastal lobster roll, featuring Portside salad shrimp and Kurtz cocktail sauce.

The shrimp roll sandwich

5.    Green Eggs and Ham-wich – Embrace your inner child with this zany, Dr. Seuss-inspired breakfast sandwich, featuring Grissom’s everything bagels and Farmington deli ham. 

Green eggs and ham Ham-wich

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