During Lent, shrimp often gets overlooked. But this delicious and versatile crustacean deserves its due. That’s why we’ve compiled some handy tips, tricks, info and recipes to help you make shrimp the star of your next Lenten meal. 

Portside Cocktail Shrimp bag by Save A Lot


Much like fin fish, Portside Shrimp provides omega-3 fatty acids – or “good fats” – that promote heart and vascular function as well as nervous system and brain health. 

Shrimp also contain an antioxidant called astaxanthin that helps protect our bodies from microscopic cellular damage. It’s this antioxidant that gives shrimp it’s pinky-orange color when cooked. 

In addition to the healthy protein and fats that Portside Shrimp provide, they are also a good source of minerals such as iron, potassium and selenium. These minerals help us maintain a well-functioning immune system as well as aid in muscle function. 

Cooking Tips

Shrimp is a versatile protein that shines in pastas, stir-fries, even skewered on the grill. But it can be easy to over-cook. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to perfectly-prepared shrimp. 

Saving the Best for Last. When adding Portside Shrimp to a dish, make sure to wait until the final few minutes of cooking. Afterall, Portside Cooked Jumbo Shrimp take only 2 to 3 minutes to reheat, and Portside Raw Shrimp cook up in just 3 to 5 minutes depending on cooking method and size. 

Watch for the Signs. Raw shrimp will tell you when it’s done. When it turns from translucent-grey to opaque pink and begin to curl into a C-shape it’s fully done.

Don’t Over-Marinate. Unlike Chicken or Steak, Portside Shrimp should only be marinated for 30 minutes. Over-marinating can cause shrimp to lose their crisp texture when cooked. Try marinating in Kurtz Italian or balsamic dressing or Kurtz BBQ Sauce for a simple, tasty meal. 


1.    Portside Cooked Large Shrimp are ready to eat, making them the perfect addition to salads, pasta and rice dishes, stir fries and more. Thaw and remove the tails, as needed.
Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli Pasta

2.    Portside Salad Shrimp can be the star of a dish or shine in the background. Use Portside Salad Shrimp in salads, dips, soups or for shrimp cakes. 
Shrimp Roll recipe

3.    Portside Raw Extra-Large Shrimp are the perfect size for grilled kabobs, baked dishes and stir fries. Thaw and remove the tails, as needed.
Honey Grilled Shrimp Kabobs

4.    Portside Raw Large Shrimp are the perfect addition to pasta and rice dishes, tacos and salads. Thaw and remove the tails, as needed.
Shrimp Tacos recipe

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