With the ‘big game’ fast approaching, Save A Lot is ready to help you serve surefire favorites while you cheer on your favorite team! In celebration of the game and our favorite topic – food! – we dug deep to uncover the most popular big game snacks purchased by our customers over the past three years. Drumroll please . . . the winners are frozen pizzas, potato chips and chicken wings!

While the top snack list also includes game-time favorites such as brownies and tortilla chips, frozen pizzas rose to the top of pre-game carts in 2019, 2020 and 2021.  Frozen pizza sales alone accounted for almost two-thirds of all snack sales in the two weeks leading up to the big game. Top pizza options – which made up the bulk of ALL pizzas purchased at Save A Lot – were Market Selections supersized take-and-bake pizzas (Supreme, Pepperoni, and Sausage and Pepperoni). Rounding out that list of preferred pizzas was Mantia’s Rising Crust Pepperoni, Mantia’s Rising Crust Supreme and Totino’s Party Pizza Combo.

The other food category giving frozen pizzas a run for their money—and growing in purchasing popularity?  Chicken wings. Save A Lot shoppers bought close to 10 times more chicken wings in 2021 as they did in 2019.

When it comes to chip selection, Save A Lot shoppers prefer classic options with just a hint of flavor: J. Higgs BBQ, J. Higgs Classic and J. Higgs Classic Ripples, along with Lays Regular Potato Chips dominated the category in pre-game sales all three years.

There is always going to be a ‘great debate’ as to what you should bring to the big game potluck and what goes best with a touchdown victory, but Save A Lot has definitive proof that the ultimate snack is the frozen pizza! This month, come in to your local Save A Lot and pick up a couple of your favorites for the game – win or lose, they’re all guaranteed crowd pleasers.

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