With students of all ages heading back to the classroom and families facing the most expensive back-to-school shopping season of all time,1 Save A Lot is making sure pantries, refrigerators and lunchboxes are stocked with the snacks kids crave, at prices that help parents save – up to 30% when they switch from national brands to Save A Lot’s private label products! 2

From J. Higgs chips and Kiggins Granola Bars to Pickwell Farms Applesauce Pouches and So-Cheezy Mac & Cheese Cups, your favorite hometown grocer has private label back-to-school staples that are just as good as their national brand equivalents, at prices that are a lot a lot better for back-to-school budgets.

This savvy shopping secret couldn’t come at a better time as the average American family is expected to spend more than $860 on back-to-school supplies this year and many are actively looking for ways to save, including dining at home more often and buying store brands over national ones.1

Shopping store brands is an especially effective strategy at Save A Lot, where you can pack your lunchbox with this entire line-up of ten private label fan favorite snacks for less than $5!: 2

  • One So-Cheezy Mac & Cheese Cup (national brand equivalent is Kraft)
  • One Hargis House Chicken Salad Kit (national brand equivalent is Bumble Bee)
  • One Bag of chips from J. Higgs Classic Multi-Pack (national brand equivalent is Frito Lay)
  • One Pickwell Farms Cinnamon Applesauce Pouch (national brand equivalent is Mott’s)
  • One Kiggins Chocolate Chip Granola Bar (national brand equivalent is Quaker)
  • One Box of Pickwell Farms Seedless Raisins (national brand equivalent is Sun-Maid)
  • One Cody’s Original Snack Stick (national brand equivalent is Slim Jim)
  • One pack of Nutsome Mountain Trail Mix (No national brand equivalent)
  • One Sunny’s Chocolate Pudding Cup (national brand equivalent is Hunt’s)
  • One Tipton Grove Lemonade Drink Stick (national brand equivalent is Crystal Light)

Shopping at Save A Lot won’t just save parents money, either – it will also save them time! With wide aisles, an easy-to-shop layout and a curated, limited selection of options, it’s easy for shoppers to find what they need to get in, out and on their way fast.

In addition to its 55 private label brands, Save A Lot also offers a selection of national brands at everyday low prices, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and first-rate meat cut in store daily for everything parents need to make the perfect school lunch, after-school snack, or weeknight dinner the whole family will love.

1. National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. 2022 Retail Overview. Retrieved July 26, 2022.

2. Prices/savings for Save A Lot private label items are based on prices across Save A Lot locations in multiple representative markets. Price comparisons for the national brand items shown are the lowest prices at representative Walmart and Walmart Neighborhood Markets or Save A Lot locations during the period of 07/26/2022.  Prices at individual stores may vary.  Walmart and Walmart Neighborhood Markets may offer lower priced national products.

3. Based on per serving price of featured Save A Lot private label items, using prices at Save A lot locations in multiple markets during the period of 07/26/2022. Prices at individual stores may vary. 

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