9 ways to take your PB&J game to the next level.

If you thought the peanut butter and jelly sandwich couldn’t get any better, think again. These game-changing add-ins bring new life to America’s favorite lunch time combo. 


1.    Up the ante with Honey. 
Looking for a little added sweetness to balance that salty, nutty peanut butter? Add a drizzle of Bramley’s honey bear to the mix for a taste that can’t be beat.


2.    Crank up the crunch with Apple Slices.
Apples are a perfect fit for a PB&J add-in. Make them the main event by slicing them thick or go thin for a subtle added crunch.


apple slices for your pbj upgrade from Save A Lot


3. Spice it up with Marcum’s Cinnamon.
Few household spices are more versatile than cinnamon. Add a dash to your sandwich for an unexpected depth of flavor.


4. Banana slices are a natural choice. 
Peanut butter and banana are a match made in heaven. Add jelly to the mix? It’s a no brainer.


Banana slices for your pbj upgrade


5. Go Nuts. 
Crazy for nuts? Toss in a handful of Nutsome Mixed Nuts and take crunchy to a whole ‘nother level. 


6. You guessed it – Bacon. 
No list would be complete without Farmington Bacon. It’s smokey. It’s salty. And when it comes to sandwiches, bacon’s always a welcome guest.


Bacon on your pbj upgrade


7. Some like it Salty.
For those looking to tone down the sweetness, try a shake of Marcum’s sea salt. It’ll elevate the savory nature of your peanut butter for an irresistibly bold taste. 


8. Chocolate chips? Why not. 
Chocolate chips are the perfect decadent add-in to take your sandwich to new heights. Because afterall – who doesn’t love chocolate?


Chocolate chips for your pbj upgrade


9. Last but not least – J. Higg’s Potato Chips. 
Why have them on the side when you could have them inside? Just trust us on this one – you will not regret it. 

Do you have any favorite add-ins of your own? We want to hear them! Send us a direct message at facebook.com/savealot with your own PB&J tips. Who knows, they may even end up on our website 😊