9 Mouth-Watering Burgers Toppings

9 Mouth-Watering Burgers to Try This Labor Day

Build the burger of your dreams with these delicious and creative recipes ideas.


1. Keep it Classic: Go traditional with Coburn Farms cheddar or American slices, Kurtz ketchup, mayo and pickles for taste that never goes out of style.

Traditional burger toppings plus more

2. Eat Like a Cowboy: For a kickin’ flavor that can’t be tamed, try Señora Verde pickled jalapeños, Pickwell Farms’ French fried onions, crispy Farmington bacon, Coburn Farms pepper jack cheese and a squeeze of Kurtz’ BBQ sauce.


3. Go blue or go home: Add Coburn Farms blue cheese crumbles, Kurtz wing sauce and a bit of iceberg lettuce for a flavorful buffalo blue cheeseburger that not afraid to be bold.


4. Head straight to Italy. Treat your burger like a meatball sub when you add Mantia’s pasta or pizza sauce and Coburn Farms mozzarella. To really take it up a notch, swap the bun for Mantia’s garlic toast.


Italian style burger toppings


5. Mushroom, swiss & hard to resist. Sautéed, sliced mushrooms star in this classic featuring Coburn Farms Swiss cheese and Kurtz thousand island dressing.


6. There’s always room for Avocado. This BLT burger upgrade adds sliced avocado to the mix and features crispy Farmington bacon, crisp lettuce, sliced tomato and Kurtz mayonnaise.


7. It’s Crunch Time: This southwest nacho burger features Señora Verde’s salsa, queso dip, pickled jalapeños and tortilla chips for a crispy crunch like no other.


8. Because butter = better. Melt a small pad of Coburn Farms butter on your burger as it cooks for a flavor just as rich and delicious as it sounds.


Hashbrowns, Egg, bacon on a burger


9. Make it a breakfast burger. Bring breakfast to the dinner table when you top your burger with Farmington bacon, Marcum country gravy, a fried Good Nature egg and a Country Fried Station hash brown patty.


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