Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Sustainability Commitment

At Save A Lot, we have a responsibility to identify and support initiatives that are environmentally-friendly, ranging from recycling programs to reducing energy usage in our stores, distribution centers and offices. As a company, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint and increase the type and quantity of content recycled. Since Save A Lot opened its first store more than 40 years ago, our business model and philosophy have always been to operate efficiently, reduce excess and make productive use of our resources.

We are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable operations and continually work to use energy more efficiently and reduce waste.

Some examples of Save A Lot's commitment to sustainability include:

Carrying and carefully selected assortment of items in just one size promoting efficiency in production and shipping.

Operating 17 distribution centers strategically located across the company allowing for shorter hauls and reducing fuel and energy costs.

Installing energy efficient refrigeration and lighting controls in our distribution centers.

Implementing paper, plastic, cardboard box and aluminum recycling programs.

Merchandising product on pallets made from renewable resources and minimizing the need for additional fixtures in our stores.

Encouraging customers to use alternatives to plastic bags such as reusable canvas totes.

Preserving the resources of existing buildings and minimizing new construction by opening a majority of new stores in established buildings.

Locating stores within walking distance of customers or near established public transportation routes of our customers.

Building a green culture with our associates at our offices, stores and distribution centers.

Committing to the procurement of locally grown produce in several distribution centers, reducing the impact of shipping product across the country.

We invite all our customers to join us in our commitment to protecting the environment through responsible use of our natural resources.


Supply Chain Transparency

Save A Lot is committed to corporate social responsibility within its community and industry. This commitment involves conducting its business in an ethical and lawful manner, including complying with laws involving the trafficking and enslavement of human beings. We fully expect that our vendor and supplier community will adhere to the same commitment.

We have taken steps to communicate to our vendor and supplier community that we are against any form of slavery and human trafficking, including our expectation that neither they nor their subcontractors will participate directly or indirectly in such unlawful activities.

If we become aware of a vendor or supplier participating directly or indirectly in the trafficking or enslavement of human beings, we will take reasonable and necessary measures within the limits of the law to address the situation in an appropriate manner.


Philosophy Statement

Save A Lot is committed to maintaining an associate relations climate which promotes maximum personal development and achievement. We are dedicated to treating our associates fairly and providing good working conditions, competitive wages and benefits and above all, the respect each associate deserves. We believe that the success of the company and the success of all associates cannot be separated, and that this success can be achieved only if all employees - management and non-management alike - work together as a team, with a high degree of mutual respect and common purpose. Visit our career opportunities page for more information.

Diversity Goals

Effectively recruit and retain associates and leadership, at all levels of the company, that reflect the communities we serve:

Attract new customers through market and product development that captures and meet the needs of the changing demographics of our nation;

Seek and attract diverse operators into the Save A Lot network of licensed retailers;

Instill diversity as a mindset and a part of our systematic business practices and processes;

Promote a culture of inclusion among Save A Lot associates, leadership, retailers and suppliers through education and awareness programs.

Support & Partnership Activities

To support employees, Save A Lot provides a range of activities in support of enhancing diversity.

These activities vary by location and include:

Diversity Awareness Workshops

Cultural Activities and Celebrations

Bilingual Associate Communications

Second Language Education

Partner With Organizations and Educational Institutions


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