Why Save A Lot?

Why Save A Lot?

We help our customers to live richer, fuller lives by saving them money and time. The time-saving set-up of Save-A-Lot stores, combined with high-quality discount groceries, allows us to offer great food at great prices from great people, every day.

Vision of Save A Lot



Great Food: We procure, distribute and market a carefully selected assortment of high quality food and household needs, emphasizing our own exclusive brands.

Great Prices: Our highly efficient supply chain enables us to sell at prices well below other retailers, and our customers can use the money they save for other things that are important to them; necessities or fun times.

Great People: We strive to provide a positive shopping experience in stores that are clean.


Our Guiding Principle

Our guiding principle is to be shopper-centric. While we are always mindful of costs and efficiencies, in the end our decisions and actions are guided by how we can best meet the needs and wants of the value-seeking shopper.

Our Values

We focus on what matters most: our top priorities.

We are performance oriented.

We embrace and lead change.

We are team players.

We work continually to strengthen our team.

We have a culture of respect for all.

We value diversity in all aspects of our business.

We practice the 4 D's: discuss, debate, decide & do.

Save A Lot History

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