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Did you bring popcorn? Welcome to the Save-A-Lot Job Channel, where you can watch videos on all things Save-A-Lot. Ever wonder what it’s like to work here? What you can expect from a retail grocery career at Save-A-Lot? Who our people are and what makes them unique? You’re about to find out.

In the Spotlight: College

At Save-A-Lot, you’ll wear a lot of hats. Discover some of the skills our college hires have mastered.

Day in the Life with Save-A-Lot Store Manager, Isabel

Meet Isabel, whose “typical” day includes everything from unloading a truck to market analysis.

Day in the Life with Save-A-Lot Associate, Corey

Learn what Save-A-Lot has taught Corey, an associate who’s always ready to roll up his sleeves and help.

In the Spotlight: Corporate

Our leaders don’t have to work here—they choose to. Find out why leaders from around the country join our team.

In the Spotlight: Distribution

New positions, new responsibilities, new skills—every day is different at Save-A-Lot.

In the Spotlight: Retail

Find out what qualities turn an employee into a Save-A-Lot leader.