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Vision & Mission

About Us

Leaders Made Daily

What gets you up in the morning? People? Community? Success? At Save-A-Lot, it’s all of the above. Our passion is building an affordable alternative to traditional grocery stores, where customers, communities and associates are empowered.

Our management team helps make that vision a reality. They keep their doors—and ears—open, so they know what Save-A-Lot associates and customers need. They’re responsible for our bar-setting training, they’re involved with every associate we hire (even interns!) and they’re part of the reason we’re getting bigger and better every day.

Meet our management team

Some heroes wear name badges. Can you improve someone’s life by making savings easy? Sure—we do it millions of times a day. That’s our mission, our promise and our passion.

We provide our own quality private label brands as well as discounted name brands to urban and rural Save-A-Lot locations across the country. We make sure our stores are clean and well stocked and that our team is helpful and knowledgeable.

Ultimately, we help our customers provide for their families. And that’s what really matters.