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Community Involvement

About Us

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We live here too. We are proud to be a part of the many communities where we have stores. In some cases, we are the only grocery stores for miles. When our customers walk into our stores they see familiar faces from people who both live and work in the same neighborhoods. Our goal is to support our community, not just by delivering great savings, but with innovative community programs that improve life for us all. We are proud to support our community through partnerships with non-profits, providing grants and sponsorships and various volunteer opportunities for our associates.

We also care about the causes close to our associates’ hearts. Once you’ve been with us a year, you can participate in our “Dollars for Service” Program. Just volunteer 25 hours with a nonprofit of your choice and we’ll help out with a $250 donation.

Here are some of the areas where we focus our strength:

Hunger Relief

Our company mission is to help customers provide for their families, so we know the importance of hunger relief. We work with food banks and pantries to help deliver even more relief to our communities.

Health, Wellness and Nutrition Education

We support programs that teach and promote healthy lifestyles and nutrition for our neighbors. One of our strongest partnerships is with the United Way, the leading organization for strengthening health and human services. Every year, we spearhead one of the United Way’s campaigns—from bake sales to Wii tournaments, we have a blast making a difference.

Environmental Stewardship

We’ve only got one planet—we can’t wait around for someone else to save it. That’s why we’re taking responsibility for our environment right here and now:

  • Our distribution centers are strategically placed across the country to reduce fuel and energy costs. They also feature energy-efficient refrigeration and lighting, and source locally grown produce whenever possible.
  • We’re passionate about our recycling programs: paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum all get reused.
  • We encourage customers to bring their own bags to save money and the environment.
  • We display merchandise on pallets made from renewable resources to reduce the need for more fixtures.
  • We open stores in established buildings.